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Don't be anal with Joe.
He wants to know about the best deal on calipers and oil.
First he asks for CASTOR oil then ATE. ;)
But all in all he is a good guy. :)

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Don't let Joe fool you he was a professional for 45 years.
He knows more then all of us put together.
At the same time he has lots of time pulling our chain.

Now lets see, he is in to bikes, cars, naked women and playing possum / dead.
The order may not be accurate.
S*T I better watch out, I got a guy pissed off not to long.
No, he was a party pooper.
But I do hope I helped fix his car.

Joe read on bleeding brakes, there is a special procedure for your car
I think you have a valve by the master cylinder to play with.
And don't forget to open the bleed screws when you back the calipers.

If you can get the ATE fluid go for it it may be better.
Although I am no so sure.

Hydraulics are not compressible, so there should be no difference in pedal feel,
now if you get them hot is a different story.
Maybe you had air or dirt in?
You should flush the fluid out every year any ways.
Every time I have the car up I vacuum the brakes a bit, to be on the safe side.
But the difference on dot 3 or 4 is the boiling point.
And maybe rust inhibitors, not so sure about that either.


PS. Joe,
The reservoir has two compartments the one in the far side you can drain it with out knowing it, and put air in the system.
Make sure you got the oil up on both, there is a small hole that connects them,so when you look at the left and you add the oil it takes time to go to the one on the right, so you are pumping air in...............
Remember small holes are difficult to.......... Fill up. ;)

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Thanks, But Without A Book Anymore , I Come Here For AAM's Advice, I Only Worked On Cars For 45 Years But For The Last 20 I Was The Fleet MGR For The City, Now They Pay Me to Sit Home And Work On My Cars & Bikes :)

I Am No Pro When It Comes To Benz, I Had A 89 300 SEL But That Car Was Very Easy To Work On, Kept It 10 Years I Said It Was My Work Car ,,, This SL 500
Is My Beach Car,, Along With My Camera :p

Tell me Again Why I Have To Pump The Brakes 70 times ??
In Length.

Do I Pump The With My Pressure Pump Hooked Up With Pressure On It Or What ??.

I Hear All Kind Of Ways To Do It .
So If You Can Walk My Tru It That Would Be Great To Get This Flush Job Done.
But Remember Im Changing All The Hoses To S.Steel And 2 Rear Cal. I'm Replaceing. When Do I Pump The Brakes 70 Times ?

Thank You
Joe :Smoker:
I will try to give you some answers my style of course. ;)
I don't know if you have brakes like the BMW, and what options your car has.
But like you said we are from the old school and we need books & pictures.
( The simple way.)
You see when we wanted to have kids was simple, you open her young knees.............
Now with the new technology, you have to have Dr. authorization, temperatures,
medications, and the girl is much older, but she is educated............
You go in a room with a bottle in hand, damn most nurses are ugly any ways.
You don't even need the girl, DVD. Hahahhhh. :(

The same goes for our cars. :(
Remember the old days that you wanted to work on the brake system, you open it
up you do what you wanted, and you are done. Right?

Back to today,
You need diagnostic & test equipment...........

On some cars, Engine should be off.
Depending on what you are doing.
I don't know if you need to pump it 70 times.
( You are going to wear out the poor little old thing.)
I don't think this applies to your car.

OK. That is enough with the entertaining, this is not a comedy forum.
Look at the manual on how to bleed.
I think you have a switch over valve Y61 under the master cylinder, that you
must open or you will be going up or down the s*t creek.

That should depressurize the ABS and the traction control reservoir system,
I think.................
Make sure, or you or you will be calling for a hooker. ( Tow truck.)


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the brake fluid GTLMA by Castrol exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4, I belive it is SYNTHETIC and it is fine if mixed with the old one and if you are not sure if you did flush all fluid out and some was left and by that mixed up. YES you can use it in the SL but I will rate it at good and for sure not best brake fluid - (I do have that cr... "thing" in my 330CI and I can feel downgrade difference compared back to my factory original fluid fill. In my SL I flushed with ATE super blue and it is the BEST brake fluid like BREMBOS make the best brake caliipers awwww now will get comments on different brands :) ! You can get ate super blue (or gold) from performanceproducts for like $15 per bottle of 1Liter, but you will need around 600mls for complete flush. make sure you don't pump more than 12psi your brake bleeder - ! 2psi will go down on every calliper so keep eye on the gage! Also get rubber mallet to tap GENTLY on the callipers to get all the small bubbles from the inner corners. BEFORE performing brake bleeding get in your car and pump your brake pedal more than 70 times (yes it does sound crazy but 70times should work out.....) by that you will manually open the small "ports" (gates, call it whatever) inside your ABS unit otherwise you will not be able to flush the brake fluid from the ABS, unless of course if connected to the MB star computer. It took me 2 hours, but if I do flush NOT on my cars it will take me 20 min max ........

PS: btw get masking tape to cover your fenders, oh and you will need 9mm open key for the calliper bleeder screws. If you don't use torque wrench (I did not use it on purpose), before opening the calliper nipples MARK them with either marker or make some small scratch on the screw so when closing them it will align with the marks as it was before - ( and yeah of course that does not mean the previous person did it corecctly, but so far if it was good - it should be again good :) ) .......
You are using your feet to stop.
Very good you are stopping Flintstones style. ;)
Do you have an engine, or it is all done leg power?

The 70 time thing is to decompress the accumulator and you can make the ABS
go through the cycles on some cars.
(Pros with equipment can do it with gusto, pushing buttons.)
As for the bleed screw marking I don't recommend it, it is not accurate.
The small finger push on the wrench, is more accurate then that,
when you have no torque wrench.

Now how come nobody noticed my mistake on Castor oil?
Castor oil is used for constipation. LOl.


· Greek God of the R129
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You dinosaur, the DVD manual you know, the one that we don't like; ;)
Of course........... :(
Remember if I claim that I know everything I would most likely
B. S. You.
But I been called, and done that many times.
The devil makes me do it, over and over again.
You old fox. ;)
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