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Mine is a Year 2001 E320 (W210) Limousine with factory original brake set,
may I know, is there any different of the factory brake set between E200 / E240 / E280 / E320 & E430 ?

If I want to upgrade the brake kit, is it only the E55 AMG set I can use without modify?

but how about the pre-facelift E36 & E43 ? can I use it too?

Thanks for the advise~~~

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usually, an upgrade (instead of a simple parts interchange) means that the new
part will be stronger/larger. so depending on the rims you have, you may find
yourself faced with fitment issues with the new calipers. the calipers from the
AMG may bolt up fairly smoothly, but the rims may lack sufficient clearance.

in other words, proceed cautiously and carefully
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