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1978 280 CE, 1985 300 SD, 2008 E350 4Matic Sport, 2009 SLK 350
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My name is Mike.
I am new to this forum. I recently acquired a 2008 E350 4Matic - Sport.
While cleaning the wheels I noticed the caliper didn't have "Mercedes Benz" on the caliper. You can actually see the pad "inside" the caliper. I don't know too much about brakes but they don't look like they are a 4 piston caliper. I do have the drilled rotors though. I was wondering if the calipers with the logo on them were optional or standard. According to the specs in the brochure E350 sport should have a 4 piston caliper up front. If they were standard equipment on a E350 sport why don't I have them. was there a point in production of the '08s that didn't come with those brakes?

I included a picture of the brakes from my dad's '09 SLK. are my calipers supposed to look like this?

btw, i know it's just a caliper. the brakes work flawlessly.



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