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"Brabus" style aluminum foot rest installation help

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I just purchased a set off ebay (looks like the one below) and couldn't figure out how to install the foot rest piece. It comes with screws and nuts.
With the gas/brake pedals you just drill out holes for the screws and tight with nuts.

but for the foot rest area there is no access to put the nuts on the screw.

I don't understand WHY this truck doesn't come with a foot rest, even a Honda civic has one. Now that area is all dirty with the rain in the past few weeks.

<img src=>
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Why not just buy some self-tapping screws?
I am not sure if there are any wiring/fuel lines etc under that area though.
no wires there. just start screwing. dont worry.
I'd recommend using heavy duty velcro rather than drilling and using self-tapping screws. Those would provide spots of raw unprotected metal for rust to get started.
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