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Brabus ML

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I don't know if this is authentic, but I see it from time to time near where I worked and thought I'd share with you folks.

What do you think of the blacked out grille star?

Coincidentally, there was a Smart car parked in front of it, but if you want to see more than a corner of it you'll have to check that forum. They looked weird together, though. :)

Take care and enjoy the ride,


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There's not a single Brabus thing on that truck. The closest thing it has are the Brabus Monoblock IV knock-off wheels.
They look like splits to me.
My bad. I put Monoblock IVs when they are in fact Monoblock VIs.
Honorable mod and others, I didn't mean to suggest this was genuine and meant to put a question mark in the thread title. Honestly, I don't follow styling cues enough on the ML to make that determination. But I always like a good poseur and the business card idea is classic!

Take care and enjoy the ride,
I know you didn't and I apologize if I came off as critical. The finish may look good and there are replicas of these particular Monoblocks that can be pretty good quality for what they are.

I can tell these are fake because the real ones have three rivets between the spokes whereas these have four.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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