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Brabus ML

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I don't know if this is authentic, but I see it from time to time near where I worked and thought I'd share with you folks.

What do you think of the blacked out grille star?

Coincidentally, there was a Smart car parked in front of it, but if you want to see more than a corner of it you'll have to check that forum. They looked weird together, though. :)

Take care and enjoy the ride,


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I love those wheels and I'm seriously thinking of getting them (Replica Monoblocks VI) for my ML55.

Greg, were they 20" or 22" wheels?

They look like 20" - I'm still debating in my mind as to whether to get them in 20" or 22".
Next time I see it I'll check for you, but I agree they look like 20s. The finish on them is very good so I'd not be surprised if they were genuine wheels, even if the rest is not. In the meanwhile, PM Kajtek1, he had 22s on his Designo AMG, ask him how he liked them just for ride, etc.

Honorable mod and others, I didn't mean to suggest this was genuine and meant to put a question mark in the thread title. Honestly, I don't follow styling cues enough on the ML to make that determination. But I always like a good poseur and the business card idea is classic!

Take care and enjoy the ride,
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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