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2000 CL500
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Hello I am selling my Brabus lowering module that will work on the C215 or W220 chassis with the ABC suspension. Basically the unit wires into the existing ABC wiring and will lower the ride height and you can use the existing suspension controls in your car to restore it to stock height. Unfortunately I had to sell my car several years ago however held onto this unit all that time anticipating I would own another CL but ended up buying an E instead because I needed 4 doors. The beauty of this device is it can be installed in the car then uninstalled without cutting any existing wiring and the car returns completely to stock. I paid $1500 for this new from Brabus in Newport Beach when they existed in 2002. The technical name is "ABC Suspension Control Part No.: 215-106-01". Asking $850. Located in Sacramento, CA area.


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