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1996 SL500
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So I did a really stupid thing today and cut the wheel too sharply on my 96 sl500 when backing out of a parking spot (still getting used to how long the hood is compared to my honda). My front bumper scraped along the rear bumper of a young girls car and it busted my passenger side turn signal and pulled that side of the bra off, scraped my bumper a bit and may have cracked it. Also took off a bit of the headlight trim piece but I can't see paying $50-$100 for what basically amounts to a clear plastic rectangle to go around my headlight. Anyway, back to the topic, when the bra pulled away from the bumper it caught on the headlight wiper arm and pulled the shaft that connects the arm to the motor out about an inch and I can't seem to push it back in. Anyone know how I can get the shaft back in place? Does it involve taking the wiper motor out? Thanks. :bowdown:

P.S. I can post some photos if it would help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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