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What year ML430 ?

I just had replacement PS Front lock assy.

It broke internally & afterwards could never lock even if pushing down door stem.

My solution was to open door & replace entire internal assembly - about $215 from FCP Euro. I had help from a Pro.

They can break internally, differently.

My DS Front lock, for example it works normally being operable by key, stem pushes down BUT wont respond to center console "all lock" button !

Your issue of all locks bouncing simultaneously seems quite different, it must be a central issue somehow.

So I hope you have more response from others here.

Another option:

'Rudeney' (aka Rodney G.) helped me with door lock repair he's an MB Pro & true gentleman.

PM him or his website is www

Cheers - David in East Texas

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David gives me too much credit - he figured it out and did most of the work. :) There are several plastic gears and levers inside the lock that can fail. The most common one will cause "machine gunning". There is a repair kit for that and David had that, but he also had a new lock "just in case". In his case, his lock would not "lock" at all. It was a different plastic gear/lever that failed so the kit was not going to fix it. With machine gun locks, you can often do a temporary fix by putting something between the lock pin and the hole in door panel to add some friction. Toothpicks, rubber o-rings, and other things had been used and will work for a while. If that does fix it, then the repair kit will likely work. If, like David's, even manually pressing down on the pin won't lock the door, then I'd replace the entire lock. You will a long Torx driver to get to a bolt holding the latch in place, plus you will need to drill out a few rivets. It's doubtful that you will find the proper rivets to go back in, so most people use nuts and bolts to reattach the lock. it is a challenge to that because it's a tight place to work. David - please correct me if I got any of that wrong!
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