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Bought w202 Headlight Projectors

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I bought these w202 projectors, and from the exterior and interior looks I was quite happy with the production; however FUNCTIONALLY, i was not disappointed...
Also, I did not buy them from ebay, and I spend about $316.00 USD. I bought them at "ilovebodykit" site.

Specifically with adjustments and hours of playing around, the cut-off the projector lens is horrible! my right side is blinding the cars who are on my right.
I tried adjusting doing minor things to the headlight itself but it still does not work out....

Any tips or advice? Does anyone else have this problem on a w202 with the same set of headlights? Anything would be great! I'm so close to just going back to OEM headlights, which I don't like because I can't use proper HIDs on it without blinding anyone.

Also Retrofitting new projectors to the OEM headlights can be crossed off. I dont have the time since I'm 2nd year university RN student!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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