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Bought some Clear Corners, A new hood star, and a grille kit off of eBay

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I got clear corners for my W126, clear corners for my W140, a new hood star for my W140, and a grille kit for my W140.[:)]

I can't wait till they come. Here is what they will look like:

Grille Kit, and Clear Corners:

New Hood Star:

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cool, thats gonna give your car an updated look. did you get the one piece clear corner lense or the 2 piece? i bought mine off Ebay awhile ago, pictured was the one piece but they sent me the two piece. The 2 piece is the one with the reflector lense, the one piece doesnt have the reflctor.
yeah i remember you wanted to get a new hood star, when mine broke i had no choice but to get a new one, i got it off Ebay as well. Its boxed in original mercedes box and everything, but the fitment wasnt perfect, maybe mine got some defect or something, i cant turn it all the way, just half way to make it tight. Dont force it if its not gonna turn at ease. you cars gonna look similar to mine.
nope its on there pretty tight, just can't turn the bottom all the way like the one i removed but its tight. It looks much brighter than the old one, especially at night with the street light shining on it. i am not too sure about the grille kit, i hope it will not peel off after time. thats the only thing i worry about.
i like to see some pics when you get them installed, i am sure i am not the only one here...[8D]
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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