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I love this forum but it inspired me to buy a 1963 404 a former park ranger vehicle near perfect body .
I did wheel cylinder ,24v fuel pump, fuel regulator, carb kit from expedition awesome kit with everything but one gasket.
I put a new top on it and new wood repainted underneath .
I now have it where it starts with no choke no pedal I went and grabbed a beer to celebrate the no oil burn no leak quit roar with pegged fuel pressure.
I jump in with cold beer the same happy I feel at strip club,i push the clutch down throw shifter in forward ,push gear into low 1st release clutch and the dog takes off no gas and I have no brakes I panic try to repeatedly slam breaks as I have full break pedal but zero braking I go thru my garage door and finally stop hitting clutch.
THE METAL DOOR PUSHED DOWN ON MY 77 THUNDERBIRD story didn't mean ,beer flew
I then backed it up same thing it is driving like 10 miles a hour no break and I hit pedal no acceleration just its own mono .
anyway spirit killer I'm a walking cliche guy that is in over his head I know it exercise in humility man
anyone please help
take care

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sorry to hear about your mishap, but we say here, that it could have been worse.
What if you were driving on the street with other vehicles around you and then your brakes failed?
Anyway, look at the progress you've already made, this is just one set back, there will be more in the future, life goes on.
I'm sure 404 owners will respond soon, sharing their knowledge, helping you solve the problem.
You're in the right place,
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