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2010 E550 Sedan 4matic, Iridium Silver, P2, Panoroof.
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Took a week to drive it Seattle Washington to be shipped to Alaska. Downtown Chicago was very clean and nice. Iowa, corn. Nebraska, corn. Wyoming, some scenery, Utah nice, Idaho, nice (with golf), Oregon and Washington nice. Alaska, snow.:mad:

Fun Drive!

It is E550 4matic with the P2 package with Pano roof and split folding rear seats (must have for me).
It came with parktronic, Airmatic suspension, Drive Dynamic Seat, Sports Styling, Rear Deck and Window styling package and the lit sill plates.

I ordered a Renntech lowering module and installed it the day the car came into the port. It wasn't hard to do and I love the way it raises and lowers the vehicle back down dependent upon the speed of the vehicle.

I am installing my new Hakalappiilittas 7s studded snows on the stock 18 inch rims and will start looking for some 19s for next summer.

I took some pictures of the before and after of the lowering (mostly after). They are in my albums.

Planning on possibly tinting the windows next summer also (not sure).

Love the car, never had a smoother vehicle.
Jeff from Alaska

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