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2009 ML320 Bluetec (W164)
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Couple of quick pics of how improved the lighting is with the hid conversion
Would you mind sharing exactly which headlamp products you used?
When I bought my ML it had aftermarket (Depo?) projector HIDs that are just simply shitty.
I'm ready to buy something that is known to work well in the ML.

Many thanks!

2009 ML320 & 1984 190D
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So, actually my son bought the kit for his E350 in late 2017, and then decided to go a different way.
I bought the kit off him in 2018, so the kit might not be current, but I assume you can match it or an updated kit from the info.
The receipt from DDM Tuning says:
DDM Plus Kit, 55w, H7, Color 5500k, Canbus.

The cost then was $99. The 35w are $10 less.

The fitting was pretty simple, I found apart from one thing.
That thing was the pressed metal bulb adapters they supply...
They are split to allow you to get them over the wiring... which makes them weak.
I ended up using the original bulb retainers, and threading them over the wiring, not too tricky.

1/ Twist and remove the plastic covers over the bulb access.
2/ Twist and remove old bulbs, using a small flat screwdriver to remove the metal retainer.
3/ Thread the HID bulb wires thru the old retainer... you might need to tweak the tabs to fit better like I did.
4/ Insert HID bulb into housing.... and twist to lock... the hardest part. I cut/scuffed/bled over this part... pass side was hard, drivers side was impossible... had to unbolt the coolant reservior and move it aside to get the space. I believe the HID wire on the bulb has to be down or 6 oclock... I think I have one wrong so need to reposition tomorrow.
5/ Plug the HID pigtails into the original bulb connector. ML wires were Brown/Ground and Yellow/12v+, and HID wires are Black/Ground, and White/12v+ on both sides.
6/ Drill hole in the plastic bulb cover to put the wiring through, and mount ballasts somewhere. I "believe" it might be just possible to stuff the ballasts/Canbus/Wiring INSIDE the light housing, and have seen it done on Sprinter Vans, but as Im running the 55w I think I will mount outside, and will tackle that next.

2009 ML320 & 1984 190D
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Good Info, will look at that when I havee the Low beams dialed in.
I think I put the pass side in upside down as I have a shadow.

Changed the oil, and had done 4060 miles on this fill of 5-40 M1 TDT.
Sent the sample off to Blackstone t see how it was trending, and got the report today.
I will post the full report, as normal, but the comment of the Tech follows.
FWIW, I'd asked in the sample comments about "Sludge formation" that these engines are known for, so he addresses that...

Any sign of sludge? None in particular, but sludge isn't something that always shows up in our
tests. In many cases, it stays in the engine so we don't see it on our end. Insolubles are oxidized solids
formed due to heat, use, and blow-by, and they may be high when sludge is an issue. At 0.3%, no such
issues are suspected. Your ML320 is handling everything you throw at it really well. Internal parts aren't
wearing poorly, and there isn't any harmful contamination to point out. The viscosity read in the proper
range for 5W/40 oil. Keep up the good work.

Iron was down again to 29PPM, and has been steadily declining since the first sample that was 90ppm.

Happy with that.

I will be doing the rear brakes, this week, as well as air and fuel filters.
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