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Bottom DIN slot

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Can any one tell me where to get the lower section
( below the factory radio )of the centre console with a DIN size aperture to accomodate a Pioneer EQ by keeping the factory radio.
Help and advise will be appreciated.

Regards ,

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When you pull the radio the bottom box slides out as a box and you may be able to work wit...

When you pull the radio the bottom box slides out as a box and you may be able to work with that. How will an equalizer work with out pre-outs and inputs? If you want a better sounding factory radio with much more bass/treble and a fuller nicer sound get the MB Audio 10 CD from europe. If you want a dash kit, Metra sells it but it's for both top and bottom.
DIN Slot

Thnk you for your reply Buellwinkel
I can get a line out by connecting a line speeker con verter to RCA ( somethink like SLOC II by STINGER )then feed the line OUT to the AMP or EQ.
But I been lucky this weeck, I managed to find somebody verry helpfull to the other side of the counter to my local Meredes dealer. And surprise , surpise , Mercedes do a DIN facia to accomodate one or two DIN unit ,
See parts No and diagram in the picure.
I paid mine (90) £2.35.
I hope this will help other who want to install non factory equipments.


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DIN slot

Below is an image of the lower section of the fascia I purchased from my local dealer
The Part No is : 2039280230 at only £2.35
You need to make the cut out wich is already marked
I been told that it comes in three different finish or material.
My one is black plastic , a perfect mach to the upper tray.
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