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bottom ball joint query

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I've just had the bottom ball joint on my E200 wagon pull out of the bottom suspension arm. Luckily I was only travelling slowly when it happened. I've read that the early W124's had removable bottom ball joints, whereas the later ones didn't & you have to buy the complete bottom arm to replace the joint. Mine is a 1995 model, which if the above is true, should have the non removable type joints. However, I've just contacted my parts supplier, given them the year & registration number & they tell me that the car should have the removavble type. Is that possible?? or do all later cars have to have the a bottom arm changed??

Thanks in advance....Nige
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Yeah, that happens. It shouldn't, but it does. You should check the grease seals on those balljoints every time you do an oil change. Ignore this step at your own risk.

AFAIK all the "later" cars sold in the USA have the non-replaceable balljoints.

Now Euro spec car were very, very different in many respects (some had non-vented front rotors, right?) and since you have a 4 cylinder 124 it's possible that it uses the older style LCAs.

I've never put the 2 different style LCAs side-by-side to compare them but here's a pic of a 1988 LCA with a recently replaced balljoint:


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