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BOSTON MEET/GTG - Saturday, April 16th

Boston Meet that was planned for the 2nd is taking place Tomorrow..

The address is Rt.1 northbound heading towards
Flagship Motors.(MB Dealership)

Pass (Square One Mall) about 1 mile up on right.

Pull into Jimmy's Steer house and IHOP parking lot. Drive towards the rear of IHOP and you should see the cars parked.

For better directions either log onto or call Steer house or IHOP in saugus Mass.

Meeting time has been changed due to friday night partying to 11am to 1pm.

hey guys how bout this... new plan... Why dont we do a photoshoot at Gillette stadium...? with 15 or 16 benzes there we should be able to come up with some sick ass shots with Gillette stadium as our backdrop.

For those that are close to Lynnfield,Saugus can meet at 11am and drive down together. For those that are not, can meet the rest of us at Gillette. Either way, I will be at IHOP during those times for the people that are not reached from this post. With that said, 2pm seems like a good time to meet at Gillette.

As for the Photoshoot, I have a Nikkon D100 and a Coolpix 5700 with tripod that I will bring for good quality pictures.

Members meeting at IHOP:

Prof.Griff (S500)

ML430R1 (ML 430)
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