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After much backing-and-forthing with Bose, I've gotten from them replacements for the lower door 6.5 inch speakers in my '96 SL500, which I'm told are the ones that get funky most often. Mine certainly did. They're #171800, $40 each plus $7 shipping for the pair. Bose is at 800-905-2138, according to the packing slip.

Replacement is a piece o' cake: Unscrew one screw on the bottom of the triangular speaker cover, slide the panel forward toward the front of the door (don't pull it straight off; you'll break one or more of the molded plastic retaining tabs, as I did). The speaker is held in by four torx-head screws, one a bit hard to get to at the top. A posting on one of the boards some years back suggested while the speaker is out drilling a drain hole in the bottom of the plastic housing, which I did.
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