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Bosch 115 amp alternator interest??

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After seeing the thread which linked to the ebay auction for the Bosch 115 amp alternator, which is compatible with the w123, w116, and w126 chasis cars, I decided to locate these alternators. I have located 3 of these alternators, the 115 amp units, which are nearly double the output of our factory alternators. I have negotiated the purchase of these alternators for a price of $75 per alternator. The alternators have all been tested and are in good working order. This alternator is virtually a direct replacement for the factory units, with only small adjustments neccessary. The prices after shipping will be around $105 though, because the alternators must be shipped to me, and then to their final destinations. The alternators were originally priced at $95 so after shipping you will still be saving money. These alternators are compatible with v-belt pulley systems. Any interested parties can pm me or email at [email protected] More information about the alternators can be found at, including instll help and pictures. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, so any intereted parties should contact me immediately. These units are difficult to obtain because the Saab 900s and Saab 9000s have 80 amp alternators standard, with these units being optional. More units may be available after additional sources have been located.
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I'm selling the one on ebay, and have more in my garage. PM me if you have interest or questions.
speaking of alternators..check out this one:

it was part of this mod some guys did on this suv, they put a huge system in it, somthing that NEEDS THIS MUCH POWER IS CRAZY. see the link...


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Yes- they come available in the yards here often, and a local auto electrical shop tests them for me. I've sold 6 and all six are working great. Please look over the link- it has information on installation in a MB. I'm selling these units for $95 delivered to your door. PM me if you have interest.
after replacing the mechanical engine fan with 50amp electrical fan.. i did recently blew my alternator too.. and now my car in garage for 2 days..seems like way to go with this alternator now.. looking at the current draw in the car.. an electrican today evening did recommend me a 110AMP or higher alternator!
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