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Boot handle comes out every time one of the back doors is opened!

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I’ve recently noticed that every time one of the back doors is opened the boot handle comes out and retracts back once the door is closed. This doesn’t open the boot. Just the handle comes out and retracts again.
Two weeks ago I had the alarm on the car changed to a new one.
Is this door handle trick normal? I have to say I’ve never noticed it before. The trick doesn’t occur when opening the front doors. The boot opens and closes normally without any problem.
Could this be related to the new fitted alarm? :confused:
Please advise.
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Yes indeed. She needed attention and that’s why she was sticking out her tong every time I open the back doors. That was freaky! :eek:
I followed your and bayhas advice and took her back to the shop where the alarm was fitted. By the way, the alarm is a Mercedes Benz approved alarm and the fitter is a Mercedes Benz approved fitter!!
As always, I had to listen to the same silly excuse I am given, everytime anyone try to fit anything on her...your car is very complicated (or as someone called it sophisticated) with so many wires and fuses that confuse even the most expert technician....Yeh.. an 11 year old car confuses the most expert technician...what a load of rubbish?
Anyway, they eventually managed to identify the problem (the alarm was causing some feedback which confused the boot handle) and fixed it. No harm done.
Many thanks for your advice :D
Well you're just lucky that he had a PhD and was able to work out such a complicated car...:D
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