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83 300CD, 07 ML320 CDI, 04 WRX, 86 300D (totalled by my neighbor), 85 300D (sold)
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My 87 300D has a disconnected / broken boost line/hose. The hose that controls my turbo wastegate is disconnected. The end that connects to the wastgate actuator (near radiator) is ok but the other end is disconnected and I dont know where it goes (i cant see it from above or below the engine). Any tips on how to re-connect that without removing the heat shield.

Yesterday I attempted to remove the heat shield between the aircleaner to gain access but i cant find the 3 bolts that hold the lower part. Do you know of any pictures or diagrams where they are. The manual CD's dont tell much other than the 9 bolts that hold them in place. I believe mine has the Garrett turbo because the actuator line runs diagonally towards the back (exhaust).

Lastly, can i use any rubber hose (e.g. fuel hose) to replace this one ?
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