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If the car was in storage for 4 months in PA, the fuel might have turned into gunk. Try smelling the fuel in the tank to see if if smells normal or take a little out of the tank via a hose. Bad fuel smells like turpentine. If fuel is old, get as much as you can out of the tank and fill up with fresh gas.

The last time I was at MB Dealer, overheard an older woman talking to the Svc. Advisor re her car. A rat had carried bits of dog food into the exhaust, lots of it, which had clogged the exhaust and had caused the engine to run badly and stall at higher RPM.

I am not saying this is your issue but 4 months of storage could have caused something to not be right. Do an all around check of the car, under the hood, etc. and look for anything unusaul.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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