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T3lane, bahora75, you're both fairly new here - but one thing that will help you is the W220 S-Class Encyclopedia sticky (the one that says "Start Here" in the title).

In the section that contains "Doors won't open" in its heading, you will find the following:

-- Doors will not open (Potentially a safety issue!!) - - also see related posts, and

The Encyclopedia may not answer every question - but there is a reason it says "Start Here."

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thanks Boss
I will surf during above links and I will let you know
(by the way, I solve my shift stick problem by change the black electronic module in side the stick box
but i relocated the security ships from the old one to new one to allow security sys work again ... it cost around 100 USD)

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Look for this thread "W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep 2014; minor ones frequent)" it's one of the first ones.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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