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Body Kit

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Hey guys it has been a while since my last posting. I am researching a possible body kit upgrade with new exhaust for my Mars Red SLK 350. I saw some nice Lorinser pictures on a red SLK from a previous posting but I am not 100% on it. Lorinser looks nice but I think they over do it a little, too baulky. Brabus is nice also but all they do is add on to the existing bumpers and side skirts. Both Lorinser and Brabus are expensive but at least with the Lorinser kit you get replacement parts for both bumpers and side skirts not just add ons. I did not find much on the AMG package. Is it worth adding it to an existing SLK 350? Is there anybody that has done this? There is a limit on how much I would like to spent on this, after a certain amount it might just make sense to trade my SLK350 in for a new one, evethough I hate the new gap in the front bumper :eek:. I believe the Lorinser is approximately $6,500 without labor, Brabus might be a little cheaper, how much are we talking about for the AMG kit? Carrlson is way up there and I believe overpriced for what you get. If there is another alternative please let me know. I am not looking for cheap imitations, it must be made from ABC plastic the good stuff.

In addition, I live in Northern Virginia. Is there any legitimate tuning shop I can take my car in for these mods or possibly some professional advise? I do not want to take it to some guy that mostly works on Civics and Corollas.

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AMG kit is ~$4,000 for just the body kit, with no installation and paint, you might get lucky and used parts here and there for cheaper.
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