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Dear All,

I am based in the UK and would appreciate your help.

I have searched the site but am still a little unsure about the general consensus about bluetooth in the future. I have a new SLK on order and still have the opportunity to change the spec. So far I have not opted for prewiring of a mobile phone. I am already getting the full command aps navigation system.

If mercedes are to have a bluetooth package in the future would I need the pre-wireing package to be able to upgrade to it? Is there any up-to date news on the possibiltiy of bluetooth. I am a great fan of the system but after spending all this money for a mercedes system that integrates with all the steering wheel controls I would want want my phone to be integrated in the same way not a third party system like I have in my current SLK (parrot)

many thanks in advance for your advice

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