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Bluetooth Kit

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I know this is an old topic, but I figured I would check and see if anyone out there has come up with new ideas/ways/kits to be able to use a bluetooth phone in W210.
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I'm still looking at the Parrot CK3100, because it has the extra LCD, but I haven't purchased it as of yet. I think this will take some splicing to work properly, but all the research I've done says it should work just fine. I also have the new Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone which I've heard works great with the CK3100.

Here is where I've found the cheapest price for the unit.

There are a few different brands out there, such as Nokia and Motorola, but I keep going back to the Parrot because I've heard of good reviews especially with my phone. I'm hoping to get this in the next couple of weeks and then hopefully have it installed shortly after that.
I think I have found all the wiring diagrams for the W210 so I will see if I can use the integrated mic or if I will have to use the one that comes with the kit. I was thinking of sticking the display unit in the container below the radio headunit so that it was out of site, the only time you would really have that open is when you where in the car and it would stay closed when it was parked (out of sight out of mind). The radio mute option looks like it could work as I found the terminal in some diagrams (I would just need to figure out the wiring for that) and from the info I found there are spots for dedicated speakers for the phone system right above the side vents on the dash (I just don't know if they are already there or not and how easy it would be to get at them from under the dash). Ultimately it comes down to time and money as I'm sure I'll have the whole dash apart to complete this project. I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures during the process so to be able to write a DIY publication.
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I'll have to track all of those down again, but yes I do have them in electronic formats.
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