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Bluetec O2 Sensor locations?

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2007 E320 Bluetec - Getting an open circuit error on the O2 sensor downstream of DPF (G3/1)

Need to know the location of the sensor as well as how hard it is to get to! Can I do it with a normal wrench, or do I need a special O2 sensor removal tool?
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I apologise, edited to fix my error. Car I'm working on is a 2007 Bluetec, i forgot to list year. :p
I'm not showing any O2 sensors in breakdown that you sent for DOWNstream, and I changed application to 07 Bluetec. It's only showing upstream.

I also checked in WIS to see any information on removing G3/1 (downstream sensor), and Wis is showing me nothing, only how to remove Upstream O2 sensor.

star is definitely telling me I've got a problem with my DOWNSTREAM O2 sensor, yet there doesn't seem to be any information in their own software as to how to remove it or where it is.
Ended up crawling underneith the car, looks like downstream sensor is readily accessable from underneith the car, comes out on the driver's side of the exhaust pipe, right after the DPF.

Why star couldn't tell me that, I have no idea. But at least I know where it is now. -.-
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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