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Looking through the 2007 MB Manual (available at ) I see that the W211 with the following range of wheels:

Bluetech : 16" 36mm Offset
4 Matic Sport Package: 18" 38mm
E350/550 non sport package: 17" 38mm
E350/550 sport package: Front 18" 30mm; rear 18" 39mm
E350/550/64 AMG Sport package: Front 18" 38mm; rear 18" 39mm
E63 Performance Package: Front 18" 38mm; rear 18" 44mm

I'm trying to find a nice set of aftermarket wheels, preferably 17" for ride reasons, but I'm not sure how to account for MB's wide range of offset. Because this is basically the same car as the ones listed above, can I use any wheel within the 30-39mm offset range without spacers (I'm assuming the 63 AMG has a completely different wheel setup to allow for the 44mm offset).

Can I go from my stock 36mm offset to a 35mm or 38mm without spacers or other changes?
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