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Blue Interior Lights Are Cool!

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Today I put in a pair of PIAA Xtreme White wedge bulbs to replace the interior reading bulbs. Man it looks wicked! I took a pic of the upgrade compared with the stock bulb. What a difference. The stock bulb produces an ugly yellow light while the PIAA's are super white with a tint of blue. Awesome! <br> <br> Becareful when replacing the reading bulbs. You don't pry the lens open like the big fat map light, you need to remove the entire housing and replace the bulbs from above. <br> <br> I learned the hard way, I didn't know at first and I almost pryed the plastic housing to death. Good thing I was gentle but there's some damage marks on it, but I used super fine sandpaper and water and sanded the plastic smooth so you can't tell I messed with it. I bet that housing is 'expensive'. It's made by Hella. <br> <br> The problem is PIAA doesn't make the bulb for the map light nor the rear light, so I'd have to get those elsewhere and I'd run the risk of having unmatching colored interior lights! <br> <br> What I plan to do is to check out those hardcore import car shops in my area hoping to find a matching set of wedge and dome bulbs. If not, I'll do what you did and paint them blue with a felt marker. <br> <br> One more thing, I just ordered a MB sunshade for the C230. It's expensive ($US 52.00).<br> <br>
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