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'11 Santa Fe LTD V6 AWD-Navi, '99 CLK 320 (traded for family mover), '96 200SX (SOLD) :(
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Where to begin...

Driving down the road minding my own business when all of a sudden the front driver wheel locked up hard than released again almost spinning me out (roads are nicely snow covered now :mad: ). Thought it was a shattered brake pad at first just by the way it happened and how it sounded (not the first time to have brake pad shatter on me).

Things happen, I know, but what really gets under my skin is the fact that I purchased my car in October of this year and it had two mechanical safeties performed on it. One by the used dealer I bought it from and the other by Mercedes themselves as a precaution since this is my first Benz. I'm not really sure how to deal with this at the moment, I've never had to before. I'm thinking this should have been noticed by the mechanics. I should have performed my own check on everything but figured I didn't have to, especially with Mercedes (the dealership). I'm trying to do some research to see if there is any recourse on this as the mechanical safety was done within the last 90 days or so.

Here's a video of how much play I now have in the front end.


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