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1981 300
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Hi all--

Need some direction here. I'm new to the forum and a new 1981 300d owner.

My blower won't turn on. I have studied the forum and found many posts which named the CCU as the culprit. I pulled mine and it was burned up, even melting part of the black plastic cover. I also learned that the cause of the burned CCU could be the aux pump because it doesn't have a fuse. (I opted to unplug the pump).

I tried hotwiring the blower and it turned on.

I ordered a new CCU from eBay. As I connected it, I could taste victory at hand. Alas, the new CCU didn't turn the blower on.

Winter is coming on (I know, just south MS, but still) and I would like to have some hot air blowing!

I would greatly appreciate some advice here...

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