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1994 E320 Coupe, Midnight/Rio Blue/Gray, 107K miles
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Tackled DIY Blower Motor swap out today. Took all the day because I took my time and had never had any of this stuff apart before. Started at 7:30 AM to beat the Mid-Atlantic heat wave...still ended up sweating it out with 1:30 PM button-up.

Fewer nuts and bolts on my 94 than in the good detailed DIY articles at Wiki. The windshield seals can stay with the windshield wiper assembly and the wiper assembly now anchors on the bottom with a simple clip.

Takes a little patience with all the plastic cladding, but not a hard job as I am semi-skilled at best and beat the beast hands down today. Might to need to check and redo one section of the silicone seal behind the windshield rubber, but really no hiccups. Total project cost $190 including blower motor rebuild on a salvage unit from Adsit.

OE unit totally trashed, brushes dead, comm all torn up, squeaks with every turn. Good riddance.
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