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blinking mirror bulb replacement

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i have a 2001 e320 wagon, and the left mirror bulb doesn't blink when i signal. can the bulb be replaced? how do i take the clear cover off?

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The blinkers in the OEM mirrors are LEDs and the whole clear part of the cover is the light and will need to be replaced. Take the cover off and check it out. It is held to the back of the cover by 2 screws. Check the connection first.
I was wondering the same thing. But, frankly, I can't find any screws such as you mention. Perhaps the 2000 model is different from what you are trying to describe.

Please give a little more detail about how that turn-signal light segment is removed.


Brian - Yakima, WA

edit - if the screws you talked about are on the inside behind the mirror, how do you get to them?
this may help...

but this instruction is for a w210 pre facelift.
Remove the back mirror cover. Look in the inside of the cover itself. You should see the back of the blinker and how it is held in to the mirror cover.
i took off the glass, and took off the 2 small screws holding the led assembly to the mirror cover. but i can't figure out how the led comes out. it seems to be behind all the other mirror components (spring, frame, etc). how can i tell if it's bad or not? it has 2 wires going to it, but it doesn't blink.

any help would be appreciated.

The outer cover slides off. The LED part comes off to the inside. If the cover is still on the frame of the mirror, then everything in the mirror will be in the way. Fold the mirror back and pop the clip that holds the outer cover on and slide it off.
Thank you, Jason,

That did help me a lot. Not that I have a problem, but if one develops, now I know how the mirror housing/shell comes apart.

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