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Blinker mania

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I have never seen this before on any other car, my passenger side blinkers work. They blink at normal speed for the first 3 - 6 blinks, then it speeds up. It never set the light bulb error either. It speeds up noticbly buy not like the drivers side. The driver side blinkers all work but they blink vey fast, this is like a bulb is out where as the passenger side is about half way between normal and bulb out.

The drivers side always triggers the bulb error light, even though they work. Any insight would help a bunch.
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The indicators do set off the "bulb out" warning light on the dash. But only after they are used..

Just flip the hazard switch, and check all indicator bulbs if they are working..

Like Nhz said, there are two bulbs for the indicator in each rear light cluster.. This amazed me when I discovered this, due to having the same issue. All is fixed now, turned out to be a "faulty" connection. Took each bulb out, cleaned them nicely and fitted them securely back into the cluster.. Did not cost me a cent..

All the best.
You are correct in that statement my brother.. I also noticed that sometimes it does, and sometimes not..

But one thing is for sure that there is a loose connection somewhere. Maybe even a faulty bulb. A very easy and cheap fix if the bulb even needs replacing. But I'm thinking its more of a connection problem since it starts out fine then blinks faster..

Less resistance causes the indicators to blink fast. Same thing on BMW's.. That always means a bulb is not working in the circuit.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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