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1993 W140 500SEL Black/Black, 12014 Ford Fiesta ST Blk/Blk
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Proceeded to do so today after swapping out a strut, ride seemed really stiff in the rear, proper tire pressure, new spheres and all, good fluid etc.

Backed the car onto ramps, loosened linkage so I could play with it, okay all seems fine. Place the lever up and up the car goes, great, looks like a jacked up rat rod, then proceeded to put the lever down, all the way down, car sinks and lowers, but only to the original "normal" ride height, even to that of the front?!? I tried a few more up/down cycles, but the car would not sit any lower than normal, a good 2 inches between top of tire and fender edge.

I thought SLS springs would make the car sag at it's lowest point, there was no sagging at all. Could I perhaps not have the correct SLS springs? In that case maybe the stiff-over-RR crossings could be the combo of non SLS springs and the Hydramatic strut setup? My basis is a neighbors S420 that sails over the same RR crossing I speak of, like it wasn't there, he has conventional dampers and springs and 242k miles on it. Is it me or do SLS equipped cars ride stiffer?

Front suspension seems okay even with 137k on it, probably could use dampers up front doesn't bouce but that doesn't mean the front dampers are not worn.

Any thoughts/comparisions?
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