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Blade key stuck in door

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Hello All,

I used my blade key in the driver side door after the battery went dead. I successfully opened the door by turning the key counter clockwise to the right.
I wanted to see if I could lock it with the blade key while I put a charger on. I turned the key to clockwise to the left. It didn't lock and now I can't get the key out!
Any ideas?
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I think he means it won't turn back to 6, the max is 8 o'clock.

@Spod don't force it of course.

Try spraying in some WD-40 or oil alongside the key, leave it alone for a few minutes then try gently working it back and forth gently as far as it will go, it's a mechanical bind as it hasn't been used or lubricated for some time.

We should all remember to lubricate all the locks from time to time.

If you only have an oil can try using a hairdryer to blow it along the key into the lock.

I hope it works for you, let us know.
Well... There's no other way to get it out so try waggling it with a pair of pliers so you have better control and don't hurt your fingers.

It's quite a strong key but be careful and slow in case it starts to bend.

Try a hot air gun on the lock too.

Sorry, I don't know of another way.

If you have a spare key try to open the boot. It'll give you some good news hopefully. I don't know if you can get into the car that way, if your rear seat backs fold?
Here are some other threads with keys stuck in the door:

At least you can see that you aren't alone in your misery! ;)

We all need to lubricate and check all of our locks periodically.

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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