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Good morning, yesterday, while I was preparing 123 300TD for another trip in snow I foud a problem which made me go away of that idea. What happened?

I turned key to position 2, control lighst on dashbord came on and after pushing preglow button (PO made conversion prom 280TE and propably use old ignition swich instrument), there were total blackout. One more try, everything was ok, another try - same blackout, but without even pushing preglow switch. Once or twice I turned the key without any sign of electricity there and in another try, it was ok and I crank up the engine. I have tighten ground cable on battery, It did not help-one more blackout. Then I tried swiching on more than 50 times, always push the preglows on for a second (without cranking), and everyting apeares OK, but I dont belive it anymore.

Other yesterdays problem was weird function of fog lights - I could not turn them on (and I know how to :)), after a shoping I did I said to myself Ill try it one more time, pull the swich and they turned on. But when I came home, I was unable to turn them on...

Could anyone advice, please.

Could it be one problem or am i looking for two separate problems?

Ill look for grounding cables under the dash if they are tighten well. Then check ligth swich - I have one spear swich. But I am helpless about dealing with "key turning" problems. What should I do?

Link for wiring diagrams in english would be nice.

If anybody have pages from Hynes manual 162-300 in jpg or pdf, I will be thankfull for them.

(I know you can say that all problems of stis car started with PO engine swap and I cant do anything than agree.) But stil its W123 and I like it, so no advices like you should throw it away or sold it for crap
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