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Black Headlights with Clear lense

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Black Headlights with Clear lenses - Anyone

Has anyone on here tried the black headlights with the clear lense (not smoked) on their S-Class? I've been thinking about getting a set of these to put on my S430 that I just bought but am not sure how they will look. If anyone has, please let me know. If you have any pics of what they look like that you could post, that would be great!

Just had the windows tinted and put on a set of Lowenhart rims with Nitto Tires.



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Nice clean looking car you got there socajam? What size rims are those?

The Lowenhart Rims are 20" (LD1), Metallic limo tint in the back, 20% metallic tint on front...
Have you noticed any change in your ride after you put the bigger rims on? Did you lose a lot of the "Luxury" feel? I just purchased an 02 S55 and I was thinking 20 or 22" Asanti's. I have always rode big rims on all my rides and never really cared how it felt as long as I was choppin , but I'm a little older now, and I really am hesitant; thinking about losing that good "ride".
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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