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W212 E63, Dark Ash, Distronic plus
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I posted this in the W211 forum, but needless to say, this is a more appropriate place for it....Please help...need your thoughts [:)]

"Thanks to all those who made suggestions on E55 vs. SL500
I have decided on the SL500, so now I have another dilema:
What color and trim should I order? Choices are (not in order of preference):
1. 946 Aegean Blue Metallic
2. 944 Brilliant Silver Metalic
3. 962 Diamond Silver Metallic
Leather Black/Charcoal
Trim choices:
1. Black Ash wood
2. Walnut

My 2003 SL was 946 and I really like that color the most, but the dealer who bought it off me, had a very bad time finding a buyer for it, even when things were a lot hotter for the SL resale market than now, that it is essentially dead.
I also like 944, but this would be the 9th MB in recent times for me in this color, so I am leaning towards 962 (especially that the Mile Miglia edition is in that color and 962 is exclusive to SL line). What do you folks think? Is 962 too whimpy? Any other choices? (not balck or 723-cubanite)
Thanks again"
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