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Bi-xenon headlight problem

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Hi all, new member here. I have a 2010 W212 E-350 with build 608 and 615 Bi-xenon with curvelight technology. About July I got "Adaptive high beam assist inoperative" alert on dash on several occasions. I later realized that the driver-side headlight would shut down after 30 seconds of turning on. After several weeks of searching the internet I determined that the command module or computer shuts down the bi-xenon bulb if the motor controlling the high beam "hood" malfunctions. I found youtube videos on separating the clear lens from the headlight body and also repairing the motor. This seemed like a good alternative to the $3000+ MB dealership cost to replace the light. My problem is and hence my question: my clear lens will not separate with a heat gun no matter how much heat I apply, so is this a newer type of non-heat sensitive glue and if so, what are my options at this point. I can't believe it's going to cost this much for one headlight and in a few months if the other one goes out it will cost more than the car is worth.
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I thought the normal procedure was to bake them in an oven to get it all to loosen at the same time.
Yes, that is one of 2 options. However, the oven method is riskier so I decided on the heat gun since I had more control with it. The heat gun produces 1000 degree F heat - I went halfway around the headlight and could never spread the opening 1/10 of a millimeter even with the use of shims. So, I'm wondering if MB has used a newer or different glue. I haven't found anybody who knows this for sure. Also, I have searched the Hella and MB online parts sites and nothing comes up for the part# on the back of my headlight(A 212 820 5161 kz). Thanks for replying.
Thanks so much, I think I'll try the oven fix. What do I have to lose!
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