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better then a race kill

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today coming home from school i was driving south on crown valley heading home and these two kids in a newer but old body style mustang gt see my car and catch up to me. the whole way on crown valley to antonio these kids are messing with me trying to get me to race them and stuff. well eventually we come to a red light and i am one car ahead of them in the same lane as them and i give my car gas normally to eventually move into the left hand turn lane and the kids behind me in the mustang as soon as they get an opening change lanes to the right and fly past me. eventually i get to the left turn lane light and i have my jay-z lp dvd playing on my indash tv and my system is bumping and these kids are looking over at my car and i can see the driver grinning/laughing in that jealous kind of way and he goes to give his car gas to make a right while still looking at my car and rear ends a toyota tundra that hadnt made the right turn yet. i couldnt tell how damaged his mustang was (although it looked like a nice car previously) but the tundra definatly needed a new painted rear bumper which run 1500. i know cause i had a tundra and someone rear ended me. 5k of damage to their car though. it was a low speed impact so i think its safe to laugh about it :)
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HAHA aw man thats funny.
You should have kept driving around the block passing by them with Lp cranked[8D]and a grin on your face.[:D]
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