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best suspention for w126

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i have a 89 420sel dedan and i am very eager to get my car looking good and driving good also. i hate the way the back squats. IS THER ANY ONE WHO CAN TELL ME THE BEST COMBINATION AND SET UP FOR MY CAR SUSPENTION. i heard about all the available springs and shocks but dont know which to choose. which springs lower the cars and which ones dont. how much inches is it been lowered if the spring lower the car. how does the car ride after you change the suspention. which ones ur using and how is riding and also what size rims
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There is no " best" in the world of suspensions. Everything is a compromise. Are you trying to get the best ride on smooth streets?, or is high-speed handling your idea of best. Or, are you simply trying to get a certain "look"? You have to supply some information as to what you are trying to achieve, then the fine folk around here will be able to offer some ideas.
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