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I'm being lazy, to lazy to research this through the previous threads.

I have recently acquired a 92 300TE 4Matic and want the best, most user friendly shop manual that you experienced people recommend. I guess that I can take my laptop out to the shop if that is what it takes. I bought a "Mercedes 1 W124 1985-1995" book published by Brooklands Books and it's pretty basic and doesn't even mention the 4Matic. I see a couple of options in electronic form from EBay sellers, and understand that one is particularly difficult to navigate. It seemed too like someone had also posted the manual on-line but I didn't see much that pertained to the wagon. I am open to suggestions and realize now, that with the early 4Matic comes many opportunities to repair things.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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The factory Service Manual from that link is useful. Just bear in mind that they assume you are a trained MB mechanic and that you have the specialized MB tools.

Other than that, I haven't been able to find anything in pdf or hard copy that is a true nut & bolt DIY manual for these cars. The Bentley book is a must have: Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W124) Owner's Bible™: 1986-1995. However, it doesn't go far enough.

These forums are the best and just about everything has been done...including 4matic repair. The problem is that not a lot of these cars were ever sold (first gen 4matic) and even more have hit the junkyards. If you don't live near a pick 'n pull like I do, then you beg on here and elsewhere.;)

Unfortunately, these cars were never made with the DIYer in mind. Only if there is a huge, profitable demand for a DIY manual, will there ever be one thorough enough....don't hold your breath.:rolleyes:

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