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Best Montreal service second to none

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Take this advice!
If you reside in the neighboring Montreal area, I ask that you read this. It may come in handy one day!
I called and made an appointment with this mechanic shop called (Joe Bassili), "Mercedes specialist", because of a forum member whom recommended this particular shop.
I took a leap of faith and detached myself from the overcharging and non-servitude attitude some dealers have towards their customers when it comes to picking your wallet for servicing.
As quoted by a "Joe Bassili" loyal customer, "I can do without the $500.00 cup of coffee and doughnut my dealer offers, if you know what I mean!".
"Nuff said!
My particular current situation did not leave me with many options and a tight budget hindered it even more!
As "Jean", whom will be mentioned often in this article, signaled for me to bring in my MB I could see him grimacing as he directed me to the lift.
The first words from Jean were "Hello my friend!".
"You have a problem!"
My heart sank and I swallowed a gulp. I thought for sure that I was now really in a predicament. Jean tells me that I cannot drive my car in the state it is in "your alternator is shot!" "You will break down for sure, "This is very dangerous and might be costly if it breaks!"
At this point I am beside myself and I can see that Jean realizes it and see's the anxiety in my face.
His next words were life saving, "Let me see what I can do for you, my friend"!
I was originally scheduled for an inspection 3 plus now an alternator. This is gonna cost me easily over a thousand $ for an oil change!?

Jean called around for a replacement alternator, pricing and practically lost it with the parts people when they quoted ridiculous prices for a simple alternator. Dealer wanted $1060.00 for the part plus installation charge!
Jean said "Let me see what I can do for you, Ken!"

Ends up that Jean called in a few favors for me. He contacted a machinist who re-manufactured my alternator for $120.00. Ramirez, my assigned mechanic performed and executed the surgery like a clock. He was taking care of my baby and he as well was miraculous and meticulous!
When the work was done and delivered as promised, I left his shop with a bill under $700.00 alternator included!
The part that I like the best is that when I asked Jean how I could repay him he stated that a hug would do! My PTSD symptoms have been reduced since my visit to Joe Bassili MB repair.
So heed some advice Quebeckers!
If you like your MB but like your wallet as well and want quality service for less? It’s worth the visit!

I've included some photos of the service center.
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Hi Ken , thanks for the hint , my GLK is brand new but at the end of prepaids services , i bought the big one so 90 000 km for 6 services ( frequency 15 000 km ) , maybe it's a good idea to go there !
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