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Best looking alloy for 208 clk 230k?

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New here. Looking to acquire a new set of 18" alloys for my recent clk. any ideas or suggestions?

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AAArims is a great site!

You might want to try I have noticed they have a LARGE selection of wheels, OEM replicas and genuine, for Mercedes cars going back a while. Just about all passenger car wheels are represented from the 70s up to the new 2004s. Their prices are extremely reasonable and their specials are out-of-this world! A friend of mine got his Infiniti wheels from them with no problems at all. They also sell their wheels on Ebay. Tires can come with them or not.

I myself am of the camp that factory rims look best on vehicles. Some aftremarket wheels that I have seen are just over-the-top in a totally bad way. Have you ever thought that the wheels on one model car from a carmaker would look good on another model? Well, they let you realize that look on the cheap. I'm thinking of trying the SL wheels on mine.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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