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To all MbWorld members

This is to clarify certain things regarding the Brabus bumper I ordered from Frank W. Last May 26, 2006 for the amount of $1220.00 shipped. I paid this through Paypal. I was told that this was going to get shipped on May 30. So I waited for the entire week thinking it should come in any day that week. On Friday June 2. I emailed Frank W and asked him about the bumper, I was told that the shipping company has not even shipped yet because they are waiting for other items. I feel that if I had not emailed him I wouldnt have known that it has not been shipped. I asked him if he could shipped it with a diff. shipping company he said he cant because the owner of the bumper C_brabus picked this shipping company. I dont understand why does the owner get to choose who to ship it through if im the one paying for it. The problem here is my car is in the shop now w/o a bumper and im paying for my rental car. The more this gets delayed the more im paying for the rental. This is to much of an inconvenience for me and my bodyshop. Now as for Frank W he said my bumper will be shipped on Mon. 6/5. I emailed him again asking when I should expect it to arrive then. Now he's just ignoring my emails and pm's.

At this point I dont care now that it is delayed but my concern is...If you paid $1220.00 you should at least get a tracking number. I have repeatedly asked him for one but up to now I have not gotten a tracking number. I dont even know if it did ship on 6/5.

Im not giving a bad rep for GtWerks but considering I paid this bumper in Franks name. I think he should still be liable for this. Because he told me that I did not buy this from GTWERKS but from C_brabus. But the mere fact that i paid this in full under his name he should still be liable for this. Thats why I bought this from him to begin with knowing he has a good rep in MBWorld. I certainly did not expect this to happen.

This is just a heads up to other people who might do business with Frank W in the future.

P.S. Frank if you read this I am still waiting for the tracking number. I did not want to do this but when you stopped returning my emails, pm's you left me with no choice.
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