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I dropped out of school at 16 years of age.
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, left me stranded...
I'm a very physical and mental problem solver, i can usually disect a wiring system or any relay board I.E. W124 Fuel pump relay, just by knowing what plugs do what and how the pins are effected by the result of power through the plugs.

I never got along in school because my thought process is highly complex, not like Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" but socially functioning, and intellictual.

Being in a city thats only got near 10k people, i was the odd man out because this whole "ghetto wannabe" fad has been taking our once "red-neck" haven by storm, and it's quite a shock to the old folk around here.

I'm now 20, aquired my GED with Scholastic honors, and recieved a scholarship to a college that has nothing but debt waiting for me.

Job Corps is my next advancement in higher education, for diesel and german performance technology. :D

All my friends, except the silver spoon children, never had anything, but they were raised by our well paned out welfare system...
I.E. Mommy can't pay rent so she gets pregnant with a wealthy man, leaves him to suck child support, draw food stamps, and go to colege for free.

So... they never learned what "work" ment, except what came in a sandwich bag and was weighed to exact grams. you know what I mean?

I'm surrounded by idiots, in a small town full of ghetto white kids, and i'm the only one willing to work hard enough to own my very own Mercedes.

I can not wait to get out of Hillview, Kentucky.

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