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Garmin Flashes An iPhone Killer -- Meet Nüvifone

Forget rumors about a Dell GPhone: Apple has a new, real competitor to worry about in the high-end smartphone business. Garmin, the GPS navigation company, is working on a new gadget called the Nüvifone, which is set to ship in the third quarter. Expect to see a lot of buzz around this phone at the 3GSM mobile conference next month in Barcelona.

Like Apple's iPhone, it has a large, touch-sensitive LCD screen, email, text messaging, Web browser, music player, etc. Unlike the iPhone, it has GPS navigation software, a video camera, and connects to super-fast "3G" data networks. Things it can't do: Play movies or TV shows from Apple's (AAPL) iTunes store.

And unlike other would-be iPhone killers -- like anything running Microsoft's Windows Mobile -- Garmin (GRMN) seems to have done a nice job building a simple, attractive user interface. We're eager to learn more.

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Garmin Flashes An iPhone Killer -- Meet Nüvifone (GRMN, AAPL) - Silicon Alley Insider
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