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Beeping after start

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I own 1999 S420 around six months now. There is a couple of issues what needs to be fixed, like a power lock, door assist, power steering pump leeks a little and inside doesn't shine some lights. Otherwise the car drives perfect, transmission works good, A/C is ice cold and everything seems to be fine.
When I bought it and started the car, at dashboard start showing some maintenance key and some thousands of miles in minus and the car started beeping. My mechanic reset it, told me it was something about the car should go for some general checking to a mechanic the number of miles ago. Car was starting fine then, no beeping but a couple of days ago the car after I start it, it starts beeping again (15 times) but dashboard doesn't show anything wrong. What do you guys think why its beeps? Makes me nervous, will bring to my mechanic soon because of the other staff.
Thanks for reply.
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So finally I found what is the beeping. Seat belt. It's just letting me know I don't have it. I'm from Europe, EURO cars don't do that.
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