I have a few remaining PCBs of the Becker radio tape deck emulator.
$25 each, incl. first class shipping in the CONUS.

What is it?
This emulator board (Picture 1) allows tape deck removal on radio Becker model BE1492, BE1692, BE2010 and BE1150. Maybe a few more. They are characterized by the presence of 19-pin tape deck connector, seen in the second picture and labeled as ST721.

You can remove the tape deck and stream your own music directly to the amplifier through the emulator, and listen to it in the "TAPE" mode. It is the easiest aux/bt mod!
Without this emulator, the radio will look for tape for a few seconds and switch back to FM or AM.

This emulator allows to install stereo Bluetooth module or Aux input (not included) , whatever you wish, and use it in the tape mode.
I have used it with both. The sound quality is based on your sound source.

* Given the fragile electronic nature of this item, no warranty. I'm not a store nor a factory. No wiring or audio jack included. No aftersale support ~ requires professional handling and installation, skills of soldering and multimeter use. *

After purchase, I provide a general illustrated manual with installation into Becker 1492 and 1692. I also provide example photographs from BE2010 and BE1150. I can't provide any more support than this.
This is NOT a plug-n-play device. It requires soldering and use of multimeter.

What will I need to do to make an aux conversion on my BE1492?
You will need to read the manual I send, then pull the radio, open it, remove tape deck, solder in the emulator, purchase and solder in minijack cable or just solder inputs from your bluetooth device. Close the radio, reinstall in car, enjoy the music. No one can see that there is no tape deck inside the headunit ;)
I've sold about 15 of these, no issues.

I accept major payment processors - PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp.

First-class tracked, within 1-2 business days.

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